okay guys, today i’m making 3 very big announcements, so i figured i would make them all into one big post.

click the read more if you’re interested in reading, but i warn you, if you don’t read at least the last two announcements, you’ll probably be extremely confused very soon.

the first announcement is that i’m doing a giveaway.

recently i hit 2k followers, which is just amazing to me, and since i can’t thank everyone personally, i decided i’d do something special and do a giveaway!

i will make a post with all of the prizes and the rules on it this weekend.

the second announcement of the day isn’t quite as happy…

i’m not going to be fuckedupmerlincomics anymore. 

i promise you this isn’t a prank.

as some of you know, fuckedupmerlincomics has been active since early january, and at that point, i never realized how much success this blog would have. i didn’t expect many people to like my comics, and i never expected to gain such a following in such a short period of time… but somehow i did, and i’ve had a great run… but i just can’t do it anymore.

if i could, i would keep fuckedupmerlincomics running forever, but sadly i’ve run out of ideas… i mentioned this once in my april fool’s day prank and a few other times in asks i’ve received telling me to never stop making comics, just to try to make it less of a surprise the day i finally did run out of ideas.

and i guess that day is today… i’ve rewatched merlin over and over again, and no matter what, no new ideas come to my head. i’m really sorry everyone. i didn’t want to let anyone down, and i’m truly sorry if i have…

and the third announcement, i suppose, will be happy for some of you

if you noticed earlier, i said i’m not going to be fuckedupmerlincomics anymore.

i said that because i’m going to change my url and make this blog into a regular merlin fan blog.

that’s right, i’m not leaving entirely, nor am i giving my blog away to someone else like i said i would in my april fool’s day prank.

i’ll still be here, but my new url will be colinmorgroin (for now). i know it’s probably going to get a little confusing, but i hope that whoever decides to continue following me will be okay with the change.

i’ve talked to a few friends about this prior, and they said that maybe i could still put out comics, but instead of doing it on a schedule, it can just be whenever i have ideas for them.

since i can’t make pretty graphics and all i can make is stupid comics and collages, i’ll still be posting comics and stuff every now and then.

there will still be a link on my blog for my comics, and i’ll still be tagging them as “fuckedupmerlincomics” so they’ll be easy to find.

so yeah… i think i’ve addressed everything, and i guess this will be my last post as fuckedupmerlincomics.

i just wanted to say thank you all for being here for me. i was in a dark place before i started fuckedupmerlincomics, and your love and support has honestly helped me more than i could ever express…

i love you all so much and thank you for being my friends.

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  1. bluebackstabber said: i will follow u forever ok <333333
  2. dylanobrolin said: oh reyna, no matter your url, I want you, to still be you. ♥
  3. nomical said: Reyna I will follow your blog til the end of time even if we end up in different fandoms. You are hilarious <3
  4. jelazakazone said: Awesome! Do what works for you. I look forward to more Merliny goodness :D
  5. classicfilming said: mwah we still love ya girl xoxo
  6. burdenedwithgloriousdick said: I will love your blog, as long as you’re doing merlin stuff! It’s amazing!
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